Child's Play 2 (1990)

Chucky’s back! We conclude Sequel September by discussing Child’s Play 2.

Tags: Slasher, Creepy Doll, Child’s Play

Show Notes:

Child’s Play 2 (1990)

  • Directed by John Lafia

  • Written by Don Mancini

  • Starring Alex Vincent, Christine Elise and Brad Dourif

  • Synopsis: The spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray is still trapped inside the body of a doll, and seeks out Andy who is now in foster care in another attempt to try to possess Andy’s body. Or as summed up in the poster for the movie’s theatrical release - Sorry Jack...Chucky’s Back!

  • More Info: Released exactly two years after the first film, the second film in the Child’s Play franchise was received with mixed reviews from the critics - Gene Siskel went so far as to give this film zero out of four stars. Despite the mixed reception, Child’s Play 2 was nearly able to match the box office success of the original Child’s Play from 1988, and fans of the franchise often hold this installment in high esteem. The film could have suffered for losing lead actress Catherine Hicks who played Andy’s mom in the original film, but the addition of a big sister figure in Kyle, played by Christine Elise, gives this movie some heart. This film also skews slightly sillier and leans more into horror-comedy territory, which may have been a wise move given some of the gaps in logic peppered throughout the plot.

  • Our Discussion: We discuss some of the production company turmoil that would eventually lead to this franchise splitting into two separate endeavors with the 2019 release of the Child’s Play reboot. We touch on some of what makes this plot so silly, what makes this movie likeable, and what gave Andy and Kyle the knowledge to operate a factory assembly line with such aplomb.